An artistic effect gained by almost unnaturally combining the fantastic with elements of logic and structure.

A never ending game taking place inside a virtual reality that intrigues you and kindly invites you to control it. But in the same time an environment where you enjoy letting go and surrendering to this force that feeds itself with innovation and creativity.

This is how Alex Milea sees the world.

As you go deeper through the seemingly cold corridors of the described universe, you get to discover surprising snapshots of some of the key feelings belonging to the author. And that’s when you begin to understand the messages hidden behind a certain color or a certain shape, all lost among the elements of his paintings and illustrations. The messages are extremely personal, inspired by something that happened in the past or will happen in the future. And each and every face portrayed on canvas or paper proudly wears a filter of projections taken out from a inner drawer known only by their creator.

Always a revealing adventure, every piece of work signed by Alex Milea is a step closer to its perspective regarding everything around him. But, more than that, it’s an essential element in the process of personal discovery and self awareness.


Enjoy your trip!


                                                                        Alex Milea through the eyes of Adriana Bestea